Hair Extension! What do you need to know?

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Have you ever seen someone with exquisite hair, shining like a diamond and felt jealous? We want you know that they’re most likely extensions. It’s not your blame if you don’t get off the bed with astonishing wave like hair. Extensions accomplish more than length; they also add volume.

Some might see hair extensions as overkill and unnecessary but that’s very far from the truth. Hair extensions are one of the few ways to convert weak, bad hair to glamorous, fancy hair. “But how and where do I get hair extensions” you may ask, fortunately, we have the answer.

Pierre Haddad is the best place to get your hair extensions with different locations in Sydney:  Hilton Hotel and Chifley Plaza if you would like your hair extensions done in the heart of CBD and Eastgardens as an alternative option.

Most of the advertised hair extension services in Australia are asserting to offer European or Russian hair extensions. Sadly, the certainties are that 99% of these dealers are actually offering Asian and Indian hair.  Asian or Indian hair extensions are not the worst but their quality is not as good as Russian hair, salons charging the customers extra for Russians hair extensions is the issue. If the hair extension you got is wavy and has fine strands it is probably Indian, if it is really strong it is probably Asian hair. The essential thing is make sure extensions are not heavier than your own hair. In the event that extensions are too heavy, they will harm and sever your hair — so hair should be long and sufficiently strong to withstand the weight.

There are several application methods, but micro bead extensions are very popular and show no sign of slowing. It is not as time consuming as some other methods, last longer and costs less that the fusion methods. The micro beads also make adjustments easier. When a bead slips out of place, it can easily be moved back up the hair shaft.

As Sydney’s leading hair extension salon, we will suggest you an extension type based on your hairstyle. We customize hair extensions for our clients, whether they are clip-ins, tape-ins or bonded extensions. We color them to match your color then cut to be blended to your hairstyle.  When you come to the Sydney’s best hair extension salon you will have many options to choose from. Unlike many other places, our hair is exclusively human hair.