Masks for strengthening and hair growth at home

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Hair not only decorates the person but also act as an accurate indicator of the state of that person. By the quality and appearance of the hair, you can accurately judge how well the internal organs function, whether you have enough vitamins and minerals, whether there is a hidden infection in the body. For example, dull hair indicates avitaminosis, dry hair point to kidney problems and persistent dandruff might be an indication of a serious malfunction.

So, for successful hair strengthening at home, you need to go through several steps:

If the problem is combined with a general malaise or specific painful symptoms, visit the doctor and take a survey, take tests. Try to neutralize external factors that are detrimental to the hair (bad habits, poor monotonous nutrition (especially having strict diets), stress, unfriendly environment).

Natural oils for strengthening and growth of hair

Vegetable oils of the first cold pressing – this is a real storehouse of nutrients for our hair. If the raw material has not been heated, all the valuable vitamins have been preserved in the finished oil, including the most important of them, vitamin E, often called the vitamin of beauty. In addition to vitamins E, A, PP and Group B, vegetable oils can saturate hair with essential fatty acids (stearic, oleic, lanolin and many others), amino acids, minerals and phytoestrogens that stimulate growth.

It is very important to choose the right oil – this should be a high-quality product. With the purchase of sunflower, olive, palm, soybean and sesame oils, there are usually no problems, they can be found in any supermarket. But burdock, castor, linseed, sea-buckthorn and coconut oil should be purchased in pharmacies, and not ordered via the Internet. In the second case, there is a possibility of stumbling upon a counterfeit product with harmful additives.

Home masks to strengthen hair with vegetable oils are not suitable for everyone: for example, if you have very greasy hair, it is recommended first to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands with a balanced diet with a low content of animal fats, to treat the scalp with natural masks with a soothing effect, and only then to start intensive hair nutrition.

If you have dry, brittle, dull and split hair, which crawl out after washing your head and settle on the comb, vegetable oils are an ideal option. It is very useful to carry out prophylactic strengthening of hair with masks based on vegetable oils 4-5 times a month if you regularly colour and curl your hair.

Get rid of poor-quality cosmetics, stop washing your hair every day and reduce the use of heat appliances. Using a quality comb and wearing a hat will also benefit you.

Regularly massage your hair to stimulate your hair follicles. This will help the blood flow and reduce the chance of any lymph.

Even the most expensive and popular masks often do not help stop hair loss and restore the hairstyle to its former beauty and splendour. It is necessary to approach this task in a comprehensive manner and start from the inside. Neither home nor purchased cosmetics cannot make your locks thick and strong until the true causes of unhealthy hair are eliminated.

Hair salons in Australia aren’t cheap in best of terms. You can still take care of your hair without visiting one, by following our tips. We still recommend visiting professionals for more complex applications.