Styling your hair to match your eye colour

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Women with hair style

Finding the hair colour and shade that suits you should be your number one priority because wearing the wrong hair will have dire consequences on your look. To achieve this, there are certain factors you need to put into consideration.

  • The colour of your eyes
  • The colour of your skin tone
  • Your personal style

You will attain the most flattering look when you have “The Perfect Trio” i.e. hair that matches your eye color, skin tone and personality. The right match will make your eyes pop, look wider and brighter. It will further blend well with your skin tone giving it some softness and vibrancy. On the other hand, the wrong match will achieve the exact opposite; you will look washed out, drab, pale or even older. This guide will help you discover how to style your hair to match your eyes to not only enhance your look but also your personality.

How to determine the colour of your eyes?

Our eyes have two colours, the primary and the secondary eye colour. The primary colour is the most predominant colour with the most common being brown, green, blue, & hazel. The secondary tones typically appear as minute specks of colour around the centre the pupil or may form a ring around the primary eye colour. The most common secondary tones include golden, platinum, copper, hazel, or brown colours.

Match your hair with your eye colour

Secondary tones make the best match with your hair; however, some people prefer to match or even contrast their hair colour to the primary colour of their eyes. For instance; if you have green eyes, a contrasting hair colour such as a soft or a fiery red tone could do. Moreover, contrasting blues eyes with a golden blonde or caramel tone will make them bluer.

The bottom line is that the perfect trio is the guiding principle when choosing the colour of your hair to wear. The following are hair colour recommendations based on the most common perfect trio combinations:

The Warm Summer Type

  • Complexion: Tends to have a tender honey skin with a bluish to a golden undertone.
  • Eye Colour: Blue, gray-blue, bluish green, green or brown eyes with glints of gray, blue, or green.
  • Natural hair colour: Is blonde or brunette with hints of tones such as copper, orange, gold, or red.

For those with such a combination and are struggling to establish the right hair colour to settle for, ash brown, ash blonde, or platinum blonde are good for you. If you love red hair, ensure that you add a bluish hue like mauve or bordeaux. Avoid reds with a copper, mahogany, or golden blonde hues because they might make you look older.

The Cool Winter Type

  • Skin Complexion: This is the most common skin tone that is typically very light with greenish, bluish and reddish hues of blood vessels. Most of the people Asian, African, and Southern European descent belong to this group.
  • Eye Color: It ranges from various shades gray, to dark brown, ice-blue or intense green.
  • Natural Hair Color: dark to cool brown, and black to bluish-black or grey.

People with this combination are lucky because their hair color naturally complements their eyes color and skin tone. Thus, they rarely need to change much about their hair apart from ensuring that it is well conditioned for more natural luster. Moreover, if you need to make any change, it should probably be to enhance or rather emphasize the natural hair color with darker tones such as black-bluish gloss. Avoid lightening this hair type because it creates reddish tones that seem awkward for your type.

Neutral Spring/Autumn Type

  • Skin Complexion: Just as the name suggests they have are neutral complexion, which is light and clear and has a peach or golden yellowish hue. They also tend to have freckles.
  • Eye Color: They tend to have a mix of cool and warm tones such as warm-green with hints of cool blue, blue-green with a copper hue or golden spots on the iris.
  • Hair Color: Is typically blonde, but some may also have dark or reddish shades ranging from mahogany to copper.

One great thing about the neutral combination is that its possibilities are endless when it comes to hairstyles you can match with the eye color. More particularly, the dramatic look is perfect for this category as long as you avoid the extreme dark shades of the colours you wear.

Bonus Tip

Since we have perfected the art of working around what doesn’t work for us, there is also a workaround that can help you achieve any kind of hair and eye colour combination. This involves getting coloured contact lenses and hair dye. With these two you can achieve almost any combination. If you think your hair is too short for the colour you have been thinking of, should consider getting hair extensions. This way you will have the length to apply the colour you have always wanted.