The Best Professional Hair Services in Sydney

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Two of the newest and most exciting services that our cosmetologists offer in recent years are hair extensions Sydney and hair charcoal relaxing treatment. These two services are becoming quite a popular request of our clients here in Sydney.

We know some of you may be wondering what these products and services are all about. Are you considering whether you should get them professionally done? Below is a comprehensive guide on our hair charcoal relaxing treatment and hair extension services.


Hair extensions are among the leading growth areas in hairdressing in Sydney. We offer these services to clients who do not have the time to grow their hair out. It is also the perfect choice if you seek long hair for special events such as a wedding.

We utilize the best hair extension methods. This means that we offer a quick and easy way of adding length and volume to your hair.

Do you want lowlights or highlights but do not want chemicals on your hair? Our hair extensions can give you what you are looking for.

The hair extension techniques that we use can be classified into three distinct attachments. These are strand-by-strand, clip extension, and weft extensions.


Strand by strand refers to the technique where the hair extensions with glue bonds are attached to small piece of your hair. We utilize cold and warm application techniques.

We can attach strands of about twenty to thirty individual hairs with either a micro link or glue application point. This method is suited for you if you have coarse and thick hair.

This type of application produces hair extensions that are very durable lasting up to 6 months. They can last even longer if you avoid over styling.


Weft hair extensions are around two to four inches wide. They are applied to your hair in rows as opposed to individual strands. We can apply wefts using tape-in, glue-in or braided techniques.

· Tape In – this is among the newest extension methods. We apply the wefts using either single or double-sided polyurethane tape. Tape in is the fastest application, and we do not use heat or any tools.

· Glue-In – this is a short-term extension method. We apply glue to the base of the weft and attach it to your hair. It is most suitable if you are seeking extensions for a short amount of time.

· Braided – this method is also known as sew-in weft extensions. This technique is recommendable for coarse, thick, or curly hair. We braid your hair to create a base for the extension. We then sew the wefts into the braids.


Clip extensions are a temporary hair extension technique. We apply wefts of hair using small pressure sensitive clips. If you are not ready to commit to daily extension wear, this is an excellent option for you. This method offers exceptional versatility and allows for regular color and style changes.


This is also among the most popular relaxing treatments in Sydney. This service smooths your hair without changing or damaging the texture. It also de-frizzes your hair significantly.

Hair charcoal relaxing treatment also restores your hair’s resiliency. This means that elements such as sweat or humidity will not affect your style.

The good news is that is suitable for almost all hair types including hair that has been chemically treated. If you have curly, dull, damaged, frizzy, or mistreated hair, this natural relaxing treatment is best for you.


This technique leverages the technology of charcoal extracts and amino acids (keratin). Charcoal relaxing treatments are temporary. The treatments will fade over time as you wash your hair.

Your curls and waves will come back slowly from about two to four months. Your hair will be noticeably shiny, healthy, and soft. One significant aspect of this service is that hair care is virtually effortless.

In order to realize the best results use a non-sulfate conditioner and shampoo after treatment. You should ideally not wash your hair for about 3 days following treatment. The amount of styling you will need is decreased significantly.

For some of you, it may be a wash and go. Others may need a little blow dry once in a while. We utilize top quality charcoal relaxing treatment products to offer you minimal styling time.

The treatment takes around 2 to 3 hours. If you have thick and long hair, a little more time may be required for the results.