The most common myths about hair extensions

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why are they absolutely groundless and biased? The whole truth about hair extensions.

Long, well-groomed hair is associated with femininity, youth and health. Whichever hairstyle the fashion dictates, whether it is a short haircut or a stylish square, it is the long hair that most women dream of. But they do not want to wait for several years until they grow back. There is a way out – you can build up your hair.

Busting the myths about hair extensions

Myth 1 – Extended hair requires expensive and complicated care.

In fact, there is nothing complicated. The main thing is to choose the right care products (do not necessarily buy expensive professional cosmetics) and observe the simple rules: wash, comb and dry your hair carefully, put on a protective cap in the sauna and solarium, make adjustments in a timely manner – that’s all you need to do, nothing supernatural.

Myth 2 – Your own hair starts to fall out intensively after extension.

If the extension is done correctly, the method is correctly chosen – taking into account the type and structure of the hair, nothing of the kind will happen. That’s why it’s so important to work with an experienced hairdresser who will be able to choose the optimal way of hair extension for each client.

Every day a person loses about 100 hairs strands. But after the hair is extended, some of your own fallen hair gets stuck and only fall when the extension is removed, thus, creating the effect of heavy hair fall.

Myth 3 – Extended hair looks different to natural hair.

A substandard extension, the use of cheap materials can indeed make the hair look unnatural. To get the hair extension that is neither visually nor by touch, distinguishable from your own hair, please contact the professionals who use selected strands collected from natural high-quality hair.

Only a qualified expert will be able to pick up the hair that in colour and structure they perfectly match the natural shade and structure of your hair.

Myth 4 – The hair gets damaged and becomes ruined after the extension.

Harming of the hair can be caused by a non-professional extension, improper care of the extended hair, attempts to remove them yourself, and untimely repair.

But if the hair and the method of extending are correctly chosen, the process is properly performed and all the recommendations for care are observed, you should not worry: your hair will not deteriorate.

Myth 5 – Household glue being used in hair extensions.

Competent specialists use cosmetic materials specially designed for hair extensions. The more qualitative they are, the better the hair holds. In some hair extension methods, special glue is used, sometimes heated polymer is preferred by the experts.

Myth 6 – Bonding points are too visible.

If this is really so (which, by the way, is likely), then the extension has been performed poorly. A skilled craftsman will make the bonding points absolutely imperceptible, even if the hair is very thin by nature.

Myth 7 – Extended hair falls quickly and does not last long.

Extended hair can be worn for 1 to 4 months, after which it is necessary to make adjustments and repairs. You cannot skip the necessary steps because your hair grows every day while the added hair is not in motion.

Myth 8 – Extension is performed only on long hair.

Yes, the longer the natural hair, the more opportunities. For example, hair that is 10-15 cm long can be increased to 50-60 cm. But there are techniques that allow you to add hair extensions to very short hair, from 1-2.5 cm in length, for example, micro-extensions. For those, you will have to visit the best hair extension salons in Sydney because not every beauty salon is capable of delivering the best method.