Why does hair fall out in the spring? 4 reasons and 4 ways to deal with this

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In the transitional period, the hair has a hard time, and there is nothing surprising in the fact , that they may lose shine and smoothness and fall more , than in summer. Why is this happening? Read about 4 common causes and 4 ways to deal with it.

Each season corresponds to certain factors that affect the hair that leads to their loss. To protect yourself you need to know about what is negatively affecting the hair. As everyone knows, knowledge is power.

1 – Having strong diets might be bad. If you limit yourself to certain food and count calories, it is likely that your body won’t get enough vitamins and minerals. Stick to a balanced diet – an important rule for those who dream of a thick and shiny hair. The diet should include meat, poultry, fish, eggs, seafood, dairy products, vegetables and fruits.

2 – Painting your hair too often might be another cause. Temperature changes and overdried air in rooms with central heating causes serious load on the hair which rapidly loses moisture. And if you are a fan of aggressive procedures (dyeing, permanent straightening), your hair will face even more problems. It is worth to give up these procedures for a while. If you cannot live without colouring your hair, you should use oil and natural pigments.

3 – You go on about bad habits. Smoking, spirits, lack of sleep, fatigue and stress are all enemies of shiny and thick hair. Do you want your hair shine? Refuse bad habits and change to a healthy lifestyle.

4 – You pay insufficient attention to care. If the hair is in good condition, then in summer it is quite enough for a good shampoo and conditioner. But in the transitional period of the year, the hair needs additional protection. An integrated care – it is best to choose quality cosmetics, which can provide comprehensive care for the hair and scalp

  • Start taking a vitamin complex
  • In the diet include vegetables and fruits, as well as dairy products, boiled lean meat
  • Be active and do sports
  • Hair colouring is best done with paint without ammonia

As studies show hair loss – the process is quite normal, admittedly, within acceptable limits. However, there are certain seasons, when excess amounts are allowed. Such periods include autumn, as a result of summer overheating and spring, as a result of winter hypothermia.

To minimize waste in women, it is necessary:

  1. Adjust the washing of the head. Cleanse the skin and hair only as needed, since shampoos with dirt are washed off and the protective layer that the body secures for natural protection.
  2. The same can be said about the use of different devices for drying and laying curls. If possible, it is also better to meet with them less often. They do not give any good hair, but only spoil them.
  3. Make the rule of using a variety of care products. These include masks nourishing and moisturizing. Also, massage the scalp; this will increase the flow of blood. Rinse your head after washing with decoctions of natural herbs.
  4. Use a mask for strengthening consisting of birch, aloe, garlic, honey and yolk juice. Everything is mixed in equal proportions. It is applied to the head and left for a certain time. The minimum should be 60 minutes. Then the remnants are washed off.