Pierre Haddad is an all-new luxury salon located at the Hilton Hotel in the heart of Sydney. It was established in memory of one of the most recognised and respected hairdressers, Pierre.

At Pierre Haddad, our objective is to maintain the integrity of human hair products through education, information and industry cooperation. We offer only lab tested hair products to confirm its quality, purity and authenticity.

We specialise in amazing hair extensions. Pierre Haddad is proud to have the most extensive range of European hair extensions in Sydney. Our objective is to provide hair extensions that have a naturally silky texture, natural hair colour and consistency in length from root to tip.

All our hair extensions are made of silky, soft and healthy European human hair. We only source the best virgin hair extensions.

When applying high quality hair extensions, we ensure that the client’s natural hair is kept safe and grows with the extension. With the help of our experts, you can also style your extensions without the fear of being left with a ratty and dry tangled mess. We have trailed various methods to find the safest and most effective option.

Our hair extensions can give you the look you want and make you feel more confident. At Pierre Haddad, we use all the leading application methods available including tape in hair extensions, beaded extensions and weft hair extensions on original European human hair to help you select the one that suits your lifestyle.

There are no glues involved in our method of application. The method we use is extremely safe and comfortable wherein the extensions only need to be lifted every 3 to 4 months. Besides, our hair extensions are comfortable to wear and most importantly, completely invisible to detect.

For perfect hair extensions, we employ hair stylists trained in using an invisible attachment method, copper bells to hold the extension in place. The copper bells method involves no use of excessive heat or glue which means that no strain is applied to your natural hair and hence the process causes no damage to your hair. The extensions are weightless and transparent and help the wearer experience complete comfort and confidence.

Our experienced hair specialists can cut and style your extension to blend into your own hair, making it look just like your natural hair. Pierre Haddad’s hair extensions are available in all shades, colours and length to suit your style and need.

With extensive industry experience and expertise, we pride ourselves on providing the purest quality hair extensions available on the market to add volume, length to your hair instantly.

We are experts in determining which method of hair extensions to use, delivering immaculate applications and ensuring proper maintenance and aftercare.

At Pierre Haddad, we also specialise in Latino hair straightening, Japanese thermal reconditioning and charcoal relaxing treatments.

To get hassle-free, quick and high standard hair extensions, hair styling and straightening in Sydney, contact us at (02) 9264 1115.