Longue Shampoo


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How longue does your hair grow?

Longue is first and foremost known best for its ability in regenerating follicle production, resulting in accelerated hair growth. However; the new gentle and luxurious range from Perfect-Hair is also optimal in nourishing, protecting and strengthening the follicle whilst maintaining a healthy scalp, therefore restoring your hair’s lustre and volume.

Longue has been formulated with beneficial antioxidants and amino acids such as Vitamin C, Iron, Aloe Vera and Zinc, which work to simultaneously stimulate, rejuvenate and revitalise the hair and scalp while boosting collagen production; ensuring healthy new growth.

The clinically proven formula also contains superhero ingredients such as Indian gooseberry, hibiscus flower, coconut and almond oil’s, aiding in increased scalp circulation which in turn the hair is able to grow up to 3x times faster.

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