SNAPLEX is amazing new technology that adds extra bonds around the hair shaft while it is going through the bleaching and any chemical service. SNAPLEX pushes extra protein and vitamin E into the hair to ensure extra protection for a healthier and stronger hair shaft. Step 1: Is mixed by your stylist into any chemical service. Step 1 ensures that the bonds around the hair shaft multiply so that hair shaft experiences the least amount of damage during the processing stage. Step 2: Is applied after the hair been shampoo’d. Step 2 rebonds, strengthens and seals the hair shaft. Step 3: Is a take home treatment and needs to be used once a week to maintain the health of your hair.

Unfortunately because SNAPLEX is multiplying the bonds as it lightens you must allow extra time when booking your next colour service.

Yes SNAPLEX can be used on all hair types no matter the history of the hair. On bleaced or over processed hair special care needs to be taken

No there isn’t any silicon in SNAPLEX. The key ingredients in SNAPLEX are a rare and exclusive protein and polymer. These ingredients work together to protect and repair the hair during any bleaching and chemical service.

Is it essential to use Step 3 after upgrading to a SNAPLEX professional service? Yes it is highly recommended you use Step 3 for maintenance. Step 3 contains components of Step 1 & 2 for a longer lasting protection. Disclaimer: Please note this product is not magic and may in some cases cause damge to the hair. Cannot be used on hair that is already broken.