Hair Care Tips for Winter Time

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Even though Australia’s winters are a lot milder than other nations, having a couple of winter hair care advice on hand can help maintain your hair in great condition throughout every season. Just because you won’t be spending as much time outside of the house, does not mean that you should stop nurturing your locks. Making some slight changes to your haircare routine means that you can enjoy soft hair and an excellent scalp for the winter season.
Common problems you may experience as the temperatures decrease may include dry ends, frizzy hair, tangled hair, and flat hair. The following are winter hair care suggestions to maintain your hair looking and feeling great until spring comes:


● Do not let your hair get in contact with heat

When it is cold outside, it can be tempting to spend more time in a hot shower or blow dry your hair for a little longer than you normally would. However, heat is certainly not your hair’s closest friend, as it causes the hair to become dry, and too much heat could harm your scalp leading to the hair becoming brittle. Take care to nourish and protect the hair on your head and scalp in the event that you should be exposing it to heat. This is important to keep in mind during the winter season.


● Lock that moisture in

The hair on your head needs equally as much moisture to keep healthy as the skin does. Once you wash the hair on your head on a regular basis, natural essential oils don’t have enough time to produce and feed the hair on your head, that could leave your hair feeling extremely dried, specially when the atmosphere has already been dry outside. In the event that you have trouble with greasy hair, contemplate using a dry shampoo in between washes instead of washing the natural oils away.


● Consider to add a clarifying shampoo

Chemical substances do build through to the hair on your head as time passes – from chlorine and hairsprays to mousses. Certain hair shampoos and conditioners can keep residue on the hair, that make it heavy and needlessly oily. By the addition of a clarifying shampoo to your winter hair care regimen, you can easily get rid of product build-up and enable the hair on your head to breathe.


● Look after your colour

Hair colour can have a drying influence on the hair. When you are preparing to change your hair colour for winter, try not to go more than two shades darker or lighter. Highlights are a good option to add a unique colour to the hair without the need to replace the colour entirely. It’s also a good idea to decide on products which were created for colour-treated hair as this will lengthen the results and maintain moisturised hair.


● Try a unique look

If you’re not too keen on changing your hair colour but would still like a change for the season, cutting your hair is an excellent option for a new refreshing look. When you have less hair to work with, it becomes somewhat much easier to manage, and this will be far more convenient through the colder months.