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For most women with short hair, there must have been times where they wondered to have a long and stunning hairstyle. They often see celebrities flashing exquisitely long hair and the current trends exhibit long dazzling locks. The majority of women may want to carry on with with the most recent trends and experience the confidence of having a new hairstyle For almost any women with short hair, the bad news is that it may take many years to cultivate out your hair to a great length. However, the good news is that there is an approach you can increase your hair’s length without having to wait years and this is by going for natural hair extensions. The decision is between fake hair or real human hair extensions. The best advantage of the latter is how they are thicker and more gorgeous.  Keep on reading to find out more about hair extensions for short hair

Hair extension myths

There has long been the rumour hovering around that women with short hair are unable to benefit from hair extensions. However, this is no longer the case. There are a lot of hair extension techniques that you can choose, as long as your hair is in contact with your shoulder area, or around that. This will ensure that they can be attached safely and you will be able to enjoy your entire hairstyle transformation.

Real hair extension is the best

In terms of hair extensions, it is not just the colour and length that you should be your top concerns. Apart from that, it is also crucial to discover more about hair extensions’ quality. Artificial and fake hair are usually cheaper to buy, but they do not look natural and usually do not last as long as authentic human hair extensions. Human hair extensions are an investment that is fantastic will provide you with the natural and long hairstyle that you have been longing for. Using real hair, they are less likely to tangling, matting,  and being able to be curled and straightened, unlike synthetic locks.

Try tape hair extensions

Needless to say, while there are several different hair extension methods that you can use, it is suggested to go with tape hair extensions for short hair. This will use around two-inch wide wefts of hair and tying them row by row to produce the volume and length that you fancy.

Everyone loves tape hair extensions due to the fact they are light-weight and comfy to put on, so you will forget they are on your head and they are invisible. In addition, the tape creates little damage to your natural hair and enables it to grow.

Maintaining hair extension

It may be an easy task to have hair extensions done by a professional, but there are a few easy maintenance tips you can follow so that your hair will remain to look gorgeous throughout the year. It is best to utilize a protectant spray if you happen to straighten or curl your hair a lot. Use the same spray that you usually use This will ensure the heat do not cause any unwanted harm or invite break ends. It is also suggested to apply hair extension conditioner and shampoo for maintaining the health of your hair extensions.

Hair extensions can be perfect for short-haired women. And by opting for hair extensions made of real human hair will pay off in the long term. For a fantastic human hair extensions Sydney treatment, you can visit Pierre Hadad. Find out more about what do here or get in contact with us right here