Partial vs Full Highlights

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Some of you may be ready or may have made an appointment for highlights with your favourite colourist. You are either online or on the phone and the choice is presented: partial highlight or full highlight? All you know is you want highlights’ technicalities should be left to the experts. Not only a quality hairstylist will guide your decision with her expertise, but she will also help you understand the difference as well as help you select a service that will fit your budget.

Partial Highlight Service

By literal definition, a partial highlight is a service that applies highlights to only part of your head. A partial foil service uses around 20 foils or less to foil roots, the crown and side hairline. It’s important to note that a searchable foil service does not imply foils will be put around the head — just the top. Highlights are put in the parting section of your head, though a partial highlight to be the upper and side sections of your head, or the best half is considered by some stylists. It’s up to the stylist’s discretion based on the look you are trying to achieve if a – Partial highlights can look very natural and be intended to lighten the hair in a similar way to the way the sun would lighten your hair, even though a partial highlight service may be striking and daring as well by just putting a couple of, hefty highlights in one specific area of your hair. Partial highlights are typically less costly than a complete highlight support

Full Highlight Service

A full highlight involves highlighting hair in each part of your head from the nape of the neck into the hairline in your fringe and in between. A full foil service contains setting 100 and between 45 foils depending on colour goal and the individual’s hair. Full highlights can be quite heavy in character allowing for a natural brunette to become blonde, or they may be designed to slightly lighten your hair colour. Many women that love the appearance of complete highlights will choose to makeshift between full and partial highlight appointments to save money–as the highlights put in the back of the head do not demonstrate the same expansion as the highlights on top of the head.

What to do if you need to make a decision?

A partial foil just will not do it if your goal is to go from darker hair to nearly completely blonde. You won’t get the result you desire, although you may save a little cash. When in doubt, shoot your own hair stylist a message or a telephone call to ask any questions you may. You can also show your stylist inspo photos of highlights that appeal to you. Always keep in mind that picture speaks a thousand words. They will help you determine if a partial or full highlight is better for the outcomes.

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