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There is a type of temporary extensions that comes as wefts with clips, this is called “clip-in hair extensions”. These particular clip-ins are very quick to be applied to your hair for special occasions. The range of the clip in extensions can vary. Starting from one inch wide to a weft that features 3 to 5 clips. It is the kind of hair extensions which can be every girl’s “must have” fashion item without having to spend many hours in the salon or have the complicated maintenance of lasting extensions. The ultimate benefit of clip in hair extensions is how easy they are to be used and detached all on your own in just a matter of minutes. Hence, anytime you are in the mood to have a long beautiful and heavy hair instantly, you can do it at your fingertips.

Every woman longs for gorgeous and smooth locks. But, not every person is blessed to have such locks. With clip-ins, you do not have to worry anymore. They can help you resolve all problems. These days, you can see teenage girls putting on a variety of clip in hair extensions that appears to be eye-catching. However, if you do not take care of hair extensions, it will probably have such a raggedy texture and on occasion even damaged and broken quite easily. Hence it is necessary for us to do hair look after your clip-ins. Below are some tips on how you can take care of clip in hair extensions:

Buy the right brush — Given that clip in hair extensions are compiled by hair clips, it is necessary for us to pick a proper brush. Too much hairbrush will weaken the hair clips. Once brushing hair, you need hairbrush from the top and make use of a looped comb. Hence do not make use of the standard comb to have your extensions brushed

Avoid washing it too often — You do not have to wash your clip-ins every day, even when you wear them on a daily basis. Clip-in hair extensions are not required to be rinsed every day for regular washing can lead to damaging influence on hair extensions. Moreover, you are suggested to apply some mild, soft hair shampoo on the hair and gently wash it

Let it dry naturally  Recommended to have clip in hair extensions dried up the natural way if you do not require it at this time. To manage soft and smooth hair extensions, you should never use the hairdryer to dry your hair extensions. Simply leave them be on a dry towel which ensures you keep hair extensions last for a longer time. There is a very important factor you need to remember: when your clip in hair extensions are still wet, do NOT brush it

Avoid touching it way too many times —  You need to watch out for your hand movement. You need to control your hand. The more often you touch your hand, the more oil will be produced in the hair extension. You would better stop with the continuous touching  since it will make the texture become somewhat ratty

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