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When you finally decide that you want hair extensions, you are faced with an endless choice of what ones you should get. When you do not have enough hair and desire to look gorgeous, hair extensions are one way to pull it off. There are numerous companies in the market, whether it is online or offline, supplying the different sorts of hair extensions at cost-effective prices. The most crucial thing that all women want is for her hair extensions to appear all-natural. With human hair extensions, specifically the real ones, you have a broader range of shades and colours to pick from compared to synthetic extensions. Needless to say, once you have a lot more option, you can select the best one that matches your authentic colour so that it will probably blend in effortlessly with your personal hair. It is only you that will know you are putting on genuine human hair extensions. Furthermore, authentic human hair extensions can be coloured without producing way too much damage.  This means that if you fancy a change or a bold colour, you will be able to do it yourself. Below are some tips, which are really helpful in improving the look of your hair and thus facial beauty:

Test with the potential colour or shade — prior to getting the extensions coloured, you should test a few parts of the extension with the prospective shade or colour. The test may help you see and examine if the dye is in the proper shade. In that way, you can adapt the hair colour up until the sought after colour or shade is accomplished.

Reduce the use of high ammonia product – Utilize ammonia product just after speaking to your hair care specialists. Factor being, the extreme usage of ammonia product may impact the finish colour result of the extension.

Deposit colours — one should be mindful when dying the hair extension. A blunder may result in the damage of the extension once and for all. Whenever confused, get the help of hairstylists because they will suggest using the bleach colours just for permanent results

Comb the extensions — before you apply colour to your hair extensions, it is mandatory to separate your lives hair extension bundle into a few groups and comb every group individually so that each strand divide. Hairstylists share that a lot of hair in big money can trigger dry spots after colour use in which the dye had not been entirely applied.

Wrap the cover tips of hair extension– You could wrap the cover tips by protecting it with plastic wraps during the course of colour application. Then, keep the roots far from colour to make certain of the longevity.

Check the Hair Color frequently — It is better to check the hair colour constantly, in reality in just about every five full minutes. On much lighter colours, the colour result can turn out really fast due to minimal moisture contents of bleached hair. Moreover, shades that are darker can take as much as thirty to forty minutes prior to the dye depositing entirely. Hence, you need to keep on checking out the colour regularly.

Rinse the colour carefully — Once hair colour is blended perfectly, wash the hair extension very carefully keeping the roots up so the water flows downwards. Following rinsing it meticulously, get rid of the plastic wrap from roots then have the extensions dried out

Adequate insights and attentiveness can not only help you have distinctive looks but also enhance the lifetime of the hair extensions. Let the best professionals in hair extension treatment like Pierre Haddad to carry out the excellent quality of hair extensions for you