Widely Known Hair Care Myths

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You may possibly have heard of how you could achieve longer, shinier, and thicker hair by following hair care solutions. However with a lot of tools, products, and online tutorials out there, it is time for you to differentiate  what is considered as fact and what is considered as a myth. You do not have to be embarrassed if you happen to believe in certain hair myths that will be discussed later on–you are not the only one. The following are some popular hair care myths along with a few suggestions on which is proven to work:


  • That your hair grows faster when you cut your hair more frequently

This is most likely the most popular myth, based merely by taking a look at hair’s science. Hair follicles in the scalp actually help grow your hair, which means cutting hair strands has absolutely nothing to do with the root from where they grow. Hair roots are additionally linked to genetics and even though there have already been some recent tests and research surrounding products and solutions believed to help in growing or improving follicle amount, trimming the hair often does practically nothing for growth of hair. While looking for a straightforward, stylish option to add length, consider hair extensions.


  • That you should comb your hair nearly 100 times in a day

Combing your hair many times, with too much power or with a hairbrush that is poorly designed could cause breakage, follicle damage, and certainly will also make your hair overall look and feeling frizzy. Adequately brush your hair so that all the tangles and knots are smoothed out; when your brush is able seamlessly go through, you are most likely that you have brushed your hair good enough. Combing your hair can spread natural oils from root to scalp providing an all-natural shine to your hair. Several professionals also suggest combing your wet hair during your shower so that you can have a hair that feels softer and easier to manage


  • That you should wash with cold water to achieve the perfect shine

Whilst in cosmetic, a splash or rinsing with cold water is thought to help close up the pores of the skin following a treatment, the science will not quite work exactly the same way with hair. There is zero strong proof that using cold water to wash your hair actually can produce different results than washing with warm, and even hot water.


  • That dry shampoo is just as good as regular shampoo

Dry shampoo basically soaks up extra grease and grease from the hair plus some products even include a fantastic scent, but that is perhaps all it will. Many of us are trying to save some time,  but don’t cut corners when it comes to shampooing your hair, ensure it is one of your self-care routines


  • That you should wash your hair everyday since the more product the better

While the majority of women now know the full wash and conditioner in fact is not required, some still depend on the product when it is wash day. You should do a full shampoo and conditioner at least two to three times a week–this of course depends on what type of your hair or lifestyle. This frequency is ideal to have your hair cleansed and your scalp nourishe. When it is hair wash day, try not to go extreme with the product as it may cause damage, breakage to your hair


Just about every single hair texture as well as type will demand particular adjustments to hair care routines, nevertheless the fundamentals of hair treatment are true for all, it is not merely about hair. The scalp is such an important part that makes your hair stronger, shinier, and fuller