thermal reconditioning originated in japan and has been
practiced in australia since 2003

This treatment has been featured in just about every fashion magazine in australia



Thermal Reconditioning is a revolutionary Japanese straightening treatment that uses heat to restructure the bonds in your hair, resulting in straight, glossy, smooth, shiny hair that requires hardly any blow drying.
The process produces stunning results that can last from six to ten months with only the re-growth needing a touch up.
Pierre Haddad™ himself undertook full training in Asia to introduce the state-of-the-art technique in his salon and he remains to be one of the few licensed instructors here in Australia.


Thermal Reconditioning is a process that permanently alters the internal structure of the hair shaft rendering it completely straight. It will also remove a great deal of the fullness and body from the hair giving it a sleeker appearance. After Thermal Reconditioning, hair is unaffected by humidity, rain and steam leaving the hair sleek and frizz free. Over time, repeated Thermal reconditioning actually leaves the hair in better condition than before the process due to the intense conditioning that the ends receive.

Pierre Haddad Japanese Thermal Reconditioning